Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Interview with Nikita Prokhorov on FlipScript

I recently conducted an interview with Mark Hunter, the creative mind behind the most sophisticated ambigram generator on the internet. He decided to return the favor and interview me! This interview can be found on his blog, as well as other insightful information on FlipScript & the ambigram generator he developed. Thank you for the interview Mark!

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Rebecca said...

I appreciated your thoughts on the three "subcategories" of ambigram artists in your interview at Mark Hunter's website. I have recently taken my ambigram hobby and turned it into a marketable product: Greeting Cards. After reading the interview, at first thought I might have considered myself a "subcategory 2 ambigram artist." I was under the impression that most of the lettering on my greeting cards looked similar and had the same feel. Then I actually took a good look at all of the greeting cards that I made -- nearly three dozen of them -- and then all of the name art that I have drawn, too. Though some of the greeting cards did have quite similar lettering styles, mostly resembling cursive script -- after all, legibility is key here and these are greeting cards -- I noticed that many designs were quite unique and varied greatly from one drawing to the next. So I promoted myself to a "subcategory 1" artist, and felt pleased. ... Then, of course, there are rare moments that I can let myself start to slip into the third subcategory when I start to think to myself, "I am going to turn (such and such) into an ambigram no matter what it takes, even if I have to make it somewhat illegible." It is usually those attempts that I have to give up on.

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