Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ambigram Submission: Ambigrama

So...if a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth?

The above submission is from Txescu from Barcelona, and it means "ambigram" in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguees. Here is a quote directly from the artist:

"...That was a personal work. I am not good at drawing and I do not have much knowledge in graphic design, so I follow a very simple method to compose my ambigrams. I use to cut, rotate and paste different parts of a letter in order to create another that can be reversed (as you will see in the video). Normally I make that with MS Paint as only software and using a different font for every ambigram, some typographies fit better to a word than others. That method is not as
creative as others but it is very effective for beginners or for non designer ambigramists..."

While Txescu (aka Francesc) did not have any actual sketches, he had the following to offer:

"...I don't have any sketch from this ambigram but my brother and I had made a video showing the process...

A video??? Even better then a sketch, here you can actually see someone's process unfold in front of your eyes! It shows another approach, with the same end result (a great ambigram), yet completely unique. This also shows what someone can do with an open mind, creativity and basic computer functions.

Muchas gracias a mi amigo nuevo de Barcelona para su sumisión. (a link to Francesc's website can be found under "Contributors" on the right hand side.)

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